What is My Elevation?

Hello there! This website helps you figure out how high above sea level you are, whether on a mountain or down in a valley. It utilizes your phone's GPS to determine the current elevation!


Elevation means how high or low something is compared to the sea. It's like saying how far up or down you are on the Earth. Sometimes, people also use words like altitude or height above sea level to talk about the same thing.

Now, there are two cool ways to find out how high you are:

  1. Using a special device in your phone called an Altimeter:

    • Think of an altimeter like a magical tool that measures how high you are. It does this by checking the air pressure around you. When you go up, the air pressure changes, and the altimeter tells you how high you've gone.
    • Modern phones have this magical tool, too! So, your phone can tell you how high up you are, even when you're in a tree or on an airplane.
  2. Using a Digital Elevation Model with GPS:

    • Imagine satellites in the sky taking pictures and sending information to Earth. Scientists use this data to create a detailed list of how high every point on Earth is.
    • So, when you use this website, it fetches that information using GPS (like how you use Google Maps), and voila! You know your height above sea level.

Now, our planet Earth is huge and has lots of different heights. The highest point is Mount Everest, super tall at about 29,000 feet! The lowest point is in the Mariana Trench, way down in the ocean, about 35,000 feet below sea level – that's like seven miles deep! In the United States, Denali in Alaska is the highest, and Badwater Basin is the lowest.

If you want to find your height above sea level, just type in your address on this website, and it'll tell you. If you're using a phone, it uses the phone's altitude reading, and if you're on a computer, it uses the GPS coordinates from satellites.

There's also something cool called the Elevation Atlas on this website. It's like a list of countries and cities, helping you find the height above sea level anywhere in the world. Just type in a place, and it'll tell you how high or low it is. Neat, right?

How do I find my current elevation?

If you want to know how high up you are, you can go to a website called https://whatismyelevation.pro/. It's like a magic tool that tells you how high or low your place is. You can type where you are or just let the website figure it out. It's super easy and helps you learn about how high the ground is where you are right now. Just click on the link, and it will show you the number that says how high up you are!

Can my phone tell me my elevation?

Yes, your phone can tell you your elevation! Most modern smartphones have a special tool called a barometer and GPS. These tools work together like a mini-altimeter, helping your phone figure out how high or low you are above the ground. You can find your elevation using various apps or features on your phone, or even by asking your voice assistant like Siri or Google Assistant. It's like a little gadget inside your phone that helps you know how high up you are in the world!

Can I see elevation on Google Maps?
  1. Google Maps doesn't show the elevation for all locations. This information is mainly available for mountainous terrain.

  2. Enter a location in the search bar. For example, you can search for a specific address or a general area.

  3. Hover your mouse over the Layers icon in the lower-left corner of the map.

  4. Select the Terrain icon in the Layers menu.

  5. In the Terrain pop-up at the bottom of the map, select the toggle switch to turn on the elevation view. The switch should be blue.

  6. Zoom in using the Plus (+) in the lower-right corner to see contour lines and elevation. The elevation in feet (ft) should appear faintly along the contours.

  7. If you zoom in too far, the contour lines will disappear. Zoom out until they reappear.